I want to live in a beautiful place with clean water and air, where every person has the opportunity to pursue the life they want and to give back to the world.

I have been on the Lakewood City Council since 2013.  I am licensed to practice law in Colorado and have extensive experience developing government policy. My priorities are preserving the environment and giving people of all ages the opportunity to pursue what inspires them.  This is what has guided me during my time on City Council and it is why I am running for the State House.

In order to be effective I thoroughly research issues, spend time thinking them through, and work collaboratively with staff, other councilors, and the community.







If I am elected to the House I will work to provide opportunities by:

1) fighting for high quality education including early childhood education,

2) fighting for a functioning housing market with adequate housing for people of every income, and

3) fighting for seniors to have the option of staying in their homes as long as they choose.


I will work to protect the environment by:

1) fighting for a higher renewable energy standard and a stronger role for Colorado in the renewable energy economy,

2) fighting for an improved transportation system including more sidewalks, bike paths, and public transportation, and

3) fighting to protect our land, air and water.




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