I am running for the State House in District 28 because I believe that together we can protect the environment and give people opportunities.  

I was raised by a single mother who dropped out of high school.  I still had a home, food, healthcare, and a great education, including after school and summer programs.  I ended up going to graduate school and law school.  I want to know that people still have these same chances.  What’s more, I got to explore wilderness areas and national parks.  They are affordable.  I had the chance to get to know this country.  That is why I think it is so important that we continue the national legacy of environmental stewardship, so that every child in Colorado has breathable air, swimmable rivers, and access to beautiful places.  

I worked in the U.S. Senate, for Senator Harkin, in the Colorado State House, and spent the last four years serving on Lakewood City Council.  I have learned how to make a difference in people’s lives and how much it means when you do.  In order to be effective I thoroughly research issues, spend time thinking them through, and work collaboratively with staff, other councilors, and the community.







My Plan

I want to live in a State where every person has the opportunity to pursue their dreams, where:

1) every child receives an amazing education, even when they are very young,

2) all hard working people can afford a home, and

3) seniors can age with dignity in their homes.


I want to live in a State where we maintain and celebrate Colorado’s natural beauty, where:

1) our cars and homes are fueled by locally made clean energy,

2) there are safe, lovely walking and biking paths, and

3) the water is swimmable and the air is breathable.


One of my favorite quotes is, “The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.” Let’s do that together.




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