My Work for Nature

I want to live in a beautiful place with clean water and air, where every person has the opportunity to pursue their dreams and to give back to the world.  

John Muir said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”  This is Colorado – we have natural places to offer and we understand how important it is to preserve them.

Beautiful Places 

planting-treesA community is made up of houses, businesses and roads but it is also made up of the places in between: open space, horse properties, waterways, parks, community gardens, and farms.  During my time on council we:

  • invested in the over 7000 acres of open space in part by removing invasive species and funding repairs to park trails, and
  • partnered to form community gardens including Mountair Park Community Farm which has provided 16,500 pounds of fresh produce in an area that is otherwise a food desert because of the lack of grocery stores.
  • I also work regionally to improve air and water quality serving on the Regional Air Quality Council, the Bear Creek Stewardship Committee, the Denver Regional Council of Governments, and the environment committee at the National League of Cities.

Compost, Mulch, and Recycling

compost-with-nelson-2I support reducing what goes to the dump.  Let’s instead create fertilizer and new products.  During my time on council we:

  • recycled 3,860 tons of waste at Quail Street recycling facility, 
  • collected 230 tons of community yard waste and 600 tons of reusable household items during collection events, and 
  • allocated funding to purchase a permanent yard waste facility.  

Saving Energy with the Sun and Our Feet

bike-1I support reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by using renewable energy and by creating environments where it’s fun to walk and bike. During my time on council we:

  • purchased 274 kW of solar energy for 20 years for city buildings,
  • nearly doubled funding for sidewalks and bike paths which allowed us to put in 29,000 feet of new bike paths, trails, and sidewalks, and
  • created and expanded the sustainable neighborhood program to encourage active neighborhoods to keep giving back to our community.