My Work for People

I want to live in a beautiful place with clean water and air, where every person has the opportunity to pursue their dreams and to give back to the world.

Even though I grew up without much money, I never felt deprived.  Through the efforts of my parents and my community, I had the opportunity to cultivate my own sense of self, to try to become the person I wanted to be.  I want that for everyone.


race-w-childWe broaden our children’s horizons by lovingly giving them the opportunity to explore.  This happens both in and out of school.  Without summer learning and after school programs, children don’t do as well in school.  That is why during my time on council we:

  • started offering summer camp with free lunches at Montair Park, Lasley Park, and Morse Park,
  • replaced six playgrounds, built an outdoor classroom, and are updating Lasley Park,
  • expanded the Head Start program to include an early childhood component to serve ages 0 to 3,
  • and expanded the recreation center scholarship program.


Shakti at a rally about creating predictability for the solar industry Adults need jobs, homes, a strong transportation system and enriching things to do in their free time.  The good news is that we now have more jobs.  The bad news is that our vibrant economy is attracting people from all over the country and that creates challenges.  The population of this region is projected to grow by over a million people by 2040.  We are already seeing housing prices skyrocket and traffic slow.  During my time on council we:

  • worked to reduce housing costs by encouraging new housing stock in targeted areas including low income housing.  Two new amazing low income housing projects in my ward are CityScape, the low income housing for Seniors in Belmar, and at 5800 W. Alameda where a long vacant building is becoming housing for families.
  • addressed congestion by, improving 25 intersections, adding 3,960 feet of car lane miles, 24,500 feet of bike lanes, 4,500 ft of city funded sidewalks.
  • provided 430 cultural performances and 40 community events which were attended by 150,000 people, and adult art and education classes for 6,500 people.


standing-behind-joelI want seniors to be able to stay in their homes because that is better for their quality of life and because it saves money.  The cost to help seniors stay in their homes is in the hundreds of dollars.  Much cheaper than the thousands of dollars needed to live in a nursing home.  Seniors say getting rides to places like the grocery store and the doctor is one of their biggest needs. During my time on council we,

  • offered more senior rides as the need increased,
  • partnered with local nonprofits to provide more than 33,000 free lunches a year to seniors at the Clements Center, and
  • provided information about community resources to over 44,000 seniors.